What are the benefits from learning a second language at an early age?

1.  Children have the ability to learn and excel in the pronunciation of a foreign language.

2.  Children who have studied a foreign language in elementary school achieve expected gains and have even higher scores on standardized tests in reading, language arts, and mathematics than those who have not.

3.  Children who have studied a foreign language show greater cognitive development in such areas as mental flexibility, creativity, divergent thinking, and higher-order thinking skills.

4.  Children who have studied a foreign language develop a sense of cultural pluralism (openness to and appreciation of other cultures).

5.  Children studying a foreign language have an improved self-concept and sense of achievement in school.Elementary-school foreign language study has a favorable effect on subsequent language study in high school and college.
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Our Teachers:

 María Elena Vicuña & 
Gaby Kurek

Classes meet for one hour weekly starting in September and ending in late May.
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