Spanish Language Institute
Stockton, CA
The Spanish Language Institute (SLI) offers Spanish classes for children from preschool to sixth grade in an afternoon program during the school year.  This program exposes children to Spanish through a natural, comprehensive, and engaging oral approach.  Students learn by listening, imitating, communicating, reading, and writing.  Activities such as playing games, singing, and painting help them comprehend and develop fluency, as well as have fun.  As students progress, these classes will not only help them gain language skills, but will also help them build self-esteem, thinking skills, math ability, and appreciation of different cultures.  Research shows that learning a foreign language from an early age actually enhances children’s overall mental development. 

Classes are taught at Rainbow School (1401 Bristol Ave. Stockton, CA.) and students are grouped in small classes according to their age and skill level.  

Classes are also available as an after school class at Brookside School, Mable Barron School, Larson Elementary, Rosa Parks Academy, Presentation, Vincent Shalvey Academy, and River Oaks Charter School for students attending those schools.  

SLI is a vendor of Connecting Waters School.

Call: 209-815-4738